Sunday, February 15, 2009

And the Winners Are....

Time to annownse the winners of my 3rd Annual VD Contest!

How'd we pik the winners? Winners were selekted by judges hoo don't know any of the cats. The skores were tabulated by a formula that took into accownt: 1) the judges' skore, 2) the number of unique comments on each post (did not count comments made by the entrant or multiple comments by the same cat), and 3) the number of reactions (votes for romantic, funny, etc.)

The winner with the highest skore was Daisy the Curly Cat. But because she's my speshul frend, I can't reely give the grand prize to her and me. OTOH, it's not fare to disqwalify her evry yeer just becuz of owr "reelayshunship." So I am awarding her MY UNDERPANTS (aka my titey whities), because I think it is in keeping with her entry. Daisy, yoo git the prize for the "Naughtiest Valentine":

The Grand Prize winner is akshully 3 winners. The second highest skore was Harley's Valentine to Rosie and Siena. The 4th highest skore was Rosie's Valentine to Harley. So, we are awarding the Grand Prize to Harley, Rosie and Sienna. Harley will get the tie, and Rosie and Siena will get flirty collars:
The tie for second highest skoring entry was rated by owr judges as the "Funniest" Valentine. Max's valentine to hisself krakt us up, so he gits the "My Funny Valentine" award. He will git a speshul prize shipt to him by my frend RayPod.

The following are honorable menshuns for high-skoring entries:

*****ARE YOO SINGUL???*****

We suksessfully matched up Willie and Pookie (and boy, are they a kyoot cuppul!), but thare are still sum singul mancats lookin' fur love!


C'mon! Thare must be sum singul gerlcats owt thare hoo wood like to hook up with these hansum guys!!!!

A big thank yoo to evrywun hoo pawtisipated this yeer!!!! See yoo next yeer!!

WINNERS: Pleeze send me yer addresses so I can male yer prizes to yoo. Emale me heer: skeezy *AT* skeezixthecat *DOT* com.

Kaleb's Post-Valentine to Kirara

Most Beauteous Kirara,

I know it is too late for the contest, but if you are still looking for a strong, strapping mancat, consider me. I have been looking for a nice ladycat and when I saw your beautiful face, I had to write to you. Here I plead my case:

1. I am a handsome mancat. Or at least my Mommy tells me so every day.

2. I will share all my toys and Temptations with you.

3. Here in the country, we have many, many vishus deer. I know how to protect you from these awful creatures.

4. I will also protect you from dangerous boas, like these

Will you be mine, Kirara?

Purrs & Kisses,

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rossetti's SO in trouble..... and SINGLE!!!!

Happy Valentine's every Kiaton!!!!

I just saw what my brother did to me!!!!! So I'm gonna get him back (cuz he's too shy to post this himself) Above is a new picture Momma took of him!!!! Go get him Ladies!!!!!!!



PS You can find us both at The Kiaton Empire

Kirara's Valentine's Day Wish...

Happy Valentine's Day Kiatons!!!!

Rossetti here... trying to help my lil sister out this year. You cee she placed an ad last year looking for her very own white knight to protect her frum vishus deer... Unfortunately, I think he got lost on his way to owr howse, so I thowt that if I posted this pikture of her on Skeezy's new contest page, he'd be sur to findz her, an cheer herz up, right? So, Kittah Knight (or just a nice mancat, I'm not picky) purrlease let my sister know dat yur on yur way to see herz and bring nip er Tem tat shuns er sumthin, K???

You can find her (an me too!!!) at The Kiaton Empire

Can't Stop Thinking About Orvis

To Orvis (589324) : When you touch me, my paws go weak and I can't move. I can't remember life without you. You're number one on my mind and we're inseparable. You're love takes me high over mountains, the sun, and the moon. I can't stop thinking about you, stay on my mind, what a feeling! Time stands still whenever I think of you! Love, from Xena (#288223)

Willie's Valentine to Pookie

Thanks to Skeezix, I have found myself a very lovely ladycat to call my Valentine. Her name is Pookie.


Meowza's Valentine for Salome

This is my firstest Valentine Day too. I'd love to be your valentine Salome and I love your card.

purrrrrrrrrs and xoxoxoxoxo, Meowza

Orvis' Chant d'Amour pour Xena

I'll always love youawowoowaha,
I'll always be trueahahaha,
Just Like one and one is two ahahahaha,
Without you I'd be blue ahamorawah.....

Friday, February 13, 2009

a valentine fer dat kitten joba

a speshul valentine fer dat kitten joba ... by jeter harris hizself
u came into da backyard
an took mi mudder'z hart.
dat'z wen i noo ... i diden't like u
dat wuz da verree start.
az time haz passed
an u mooved in
it made me verree mad.
so i leev home
frum time-to-time
wich makez mi mudder sad.
but i am back
dis valentine'z eve
an dis i giv to u ...
sumthin speshul frum yer frend jete
i hope u like it, too.
happee valentine'z day joba

Goma Valentine to Luna, Sweet Praline and Purima!!(and mai mom)

Hello this is Goma I want to spread some man cat looove to 3 of my girl friends Luna, Sweet Praline and Purima(oh and love of my life mai mom Sachie). These photos were taken by mai mom when she received mai Valentine gifts!!!
Wow thank you Goma What a gift!!!
I wonder what's in it!!!

This is mai Valentine's Day sexy man cat video!!! Enjoy!!!

Puleeese check meeee out at! and! Fanks for reading and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO GOMA

DMM Loves Rocky "Rockaroonie" the Gutter Cat

While I know that I can't be the winner of any of the contest prizes 'cuz my Valentine dood is Skeezy's brofur Rocky the Gutter Cat, I thought that I'd show off the wonderful Valentine that "Rockaroonie" sent to me today ... on the back is a furry romantic poem written especially for me an' the Valentine came with some primo 'nip, too.

So ... while my smoochie sweetie Jake waits for me at the Bridge, I'll be snugglin' with Rocky on a cozy placemat ... an' bein' extra spicy!  Mom told me that it was okay an' that I wasn't bein' the least bit sleazy for flirting.  There was somethin' 'bout "gather thee rosebuds while ye may" ... or somethin' like that.

DaisyMae Maus

Mr. Tigger's Valentine to Trixie

Mr. Tigger & Trixie
Our Love Will Last Forever

Ozark Brother's Willie and Heesh are pining for love

Miles Meezer Loves Sanjee (the Hottie)

Sanjee is a real hottie - literally!! She's the Queen of The House of the (Mostly) Black Cats, and I am her lucky lucky boyfriendcat!! I loves Sanjee so much!! Happy Valentime's Day to the bestest girfriendcat EVER!! - purrsss and nosekissies - yore boyfriendcat Miles (Meezer)

Sammy Meezer loves Abby Manx

Abby Manx is the best girlfriend a mancat could ask for. She's beautiful, sweet, feisty, and, well, beautiful!! I love her furry much. - Sammy Meezer

Kashim's Valentine to Holly

Dear Holly,
I am still head over heels in love with you! You are the purrtiest LadyCat to me!
love and nosekissies, Kashim

Othello's Valentine for Gree

I still love you to pieces my bleoved LadyCat Gree. Life has never been better since you agreed to be mine. Married life is a wonderful thing and I'd never want to miss a day without you!

love your handsum mancat Othello

Salome's Valentine for Meowza

This is my firstest Valentines Day. I hope you like my card Meowza!
purrrs and sandpaper kissies, Salome

Kashim's Valentine for DKM

I do hope my love Holly won't mind but I need to give some Valentine kissies to DKM this year... DKM, for a bean you are a great cat.
puuuurrrrs Kashim

Gree's Valentine to Othello

My heart is yours, Othello.
Love and nosekisses,
your LadyCat Gree

Pookie's Valentine to Willie

Willie you be mine, tee hee . . . get it?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Speedy's Valentine for Misty

I could lose myself in yoor beyootiful eyes, I could stroke yoor lovely furs all day! Yoo are so sweet and kind and beyootiful...when yoo are sick or hurting I hurt, when yoo are happy so am I. I love yoo sweet Misty with all my heart...
No flower could ever compare to yoor beyooty....

Be my Valentine forever....Your faithful Mancat

Sadie's Valentine to Rocky the (former) Gutter Cat

Rocky, I'm bringing my Gizzy and a bag of nip! I wanna snuggle yoo and help yoo nap. Yeah, that's it...nap...heehee

Finnegan's Valentine to Daisy

I have a secret...

but I might be too shy to tell it.

What's that?

You say you want hear my secret? Well, okay...

Daisy the Curly Cat

Sweet Praline's Valentine for Bhu and Goma

A floofy girl (Sweet Praline) has many suitors, but my favorites are Bhu and Goma. Do you think they will be my valentine? Will you?

Michico's Valentine to Adan

Michico : Our very good friend Skeezix holding Valentine's Day Contest, here is my entry made just for my Adan-dan.

Adan-dan, thank you for always be there for me.
Adan-dan, thank you for always choice sitting next to me.
Adan-dan, thank you for always rubs your face against me.
Adan-dan, thank you for always trust in me.
Adan-dan, I will always love you like you love me.
Adan-dan, I will always be with you like you be there for me.

My dearest cutest Adan-dan. You are my valentine~

Tristan's Valentine to T'Abby Normal

Tristan & T'Abby

To my beautiful and fierce T'Abby Normal:

I love you dear Abby, know what I do,
Together or apart, what I have to say today,
Come straight from my heart!

Believe me when I say this, because what I say is true,
Day after day, Year after year, I'll only have laser eyes for you!

Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart!

Sir Tristan Tabby Cat Longtail

Samantha's Valentine to Tybalt

Samantha & Tybalt
Together Forever

Pumpkin's Valentine to Billy SweetFeets

Dear Billy,
ME sees your picture and likes what ME sees! You are a very handsome mancat and we have lots in yelling for our Moms to pick us up and takes us home. Will you be my Valentine?

Pearl's Valentine to F. Eric

I loves me some ginger boys!

from, Pearl
Feline Fine

Suey's Valentine for Benny Grunch

I made this Valentine for my sweetie, .

Benny is my mancat
It's really truely true
And this just wouldn't be Valentines Day
Without sending smoochies to you!
Happy Valentines Day!
Love Suey