Sunday, February 8, 2009

Willie's Valentine to All the single ladies

This is my Valentine's Day card. I do not have a specific ladycat who it going out to, although if anyone in particular would like to share my flowers I will certainly consider any offers.


  1. Oops, I noticed that I messed up and didn't follow the directions right.
    The title should be Willie's Valentine to All the Single Ladies.

    And at the bottom I was supposed to put:

    Editing is turned off, Skeezix do you think you could fix it for me? If not, I understand.


  2. Willie, I edited my post without any problem.
    1. Re-loging to valentine's account
    2. Click edit posts
    3. When you see your post click on the "Edit"
    4. Edit your post
    5. Enjoy!

  3. Haha good one Willie. Don't eat too many flowers though - you will get a tummy ache. Trust me!
    -Kaleb, Rose, & Teal'c

  4. This is really adorable! Tasha is not really crazy about man cats (including her bruffurs), but she might make an exception for Willie if he let her eat the flowers :)

  5. Hi Willie,
    My name is Pookie and I like you, would you be my Valentine?
    You can see me at:
    Purrs and Headbonks to you!