Friday, February 13, 2009

a valentine fer dat kitten joba

a speshul valentine fer dat kitten joba ... by jeter harris hizself
u came into da backyard
an took mi mudder'z hart.
dat'z wen i noo ... i diden't like u
dat wuz da verree start.
az time haz passed
an u mooved in
it made me verree mad.
so i leev home
frum time-to-time
wich makez mi mudder sad.
but i am back
dis valentine'z eve
an dis i giv to u ...
sumthin speshul frum yer frend jete
i hope u like it, too.
happee valentine'z day joba


  1. Oh my! I bet your Mom is very happy that you are back. Try to be nice for hearts day, if you can. ;-)

    P.S. That was a message from our Mom. We think your anti-Valentine is hilarious. We laffed and laffed.

  2. We are definitely laffin and laffin!

  3. Oh jeter!!! We are laffin so hard we can't stop!!
    Your FL furiends,

  4. All of us here are laffin and laffin so hard we nearly fell over! Mommy's giggling too!