Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Siena's Valentine to Harley

Dear Harley,

I made this Valentine Card for you. It turned out a bit kitsch even I didn't use hearts. I thought flowers would be more appropriate for a cat with a garden. I'm not too sure what this Valentine's Day is about, as I'm still a kitten - but it sounds like much fun! Let's all have fun and a day filled with laughter & love. Did I mention fun?
Love, Siena


  1. Siena,
    That is such a beautiful garden for you and Harley to have fun in and you look lovely with flowers in your furs. He IS a very handsome kitty; no wonder the ladies like him. :)


  2. Sorry Siena, my Mommy was signed into her account when she commented for me. I do not have her trained as well as I thought.

  3. Harley says:
    Dear Siena,
    Your card is beautiful, and not kitsch at all. I would love to have fun with you. First in your lovely garden, and then we can all fly to the MOON! Thank you so much! This romance stuff is very, very FUN and exciting. I am a very lucky Mancat.

  4. What a lovely Valentine you have made, Siena! It's very sweet :) The flowers in your furs are the perfect touch:)

  5. Great job on your flower filled valentine, Siena!

  6. Siena, this is very beautiful and romantic! We especially like the flower behind your ear.

  7. Oh LSIF who could resist you? No one, cat or human.