Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stellaluna's Valentine to Tamir

Hello Everybuddy, I think this is rare for you: Me? In love? Everyone think I'm grumpy, but my heart is different.
This entry is dedicated to my secret love: Stellaluna + Tamir
Dear Tamir:
There's a missing piece of my heart.
Algo falta..
Every time I look out the window, I look for you.
Viendo la ventana
When I go outside and I look the sky, it looks like the clouds are spelling: T-A-M-I-R.
Viendo hacía el cielo
I've been thinking of you for a long, long time, and I decided that I want to be with you fur-ever.
If you will be my valentine, I'll give you LOTS AND LOTS OF HUGS!
And I could teach you to say "Te amo" Together
Un abrazo a Tamir
♥So Tamir, will you be my Valentine Fur-Ever? ♥
Tamir's blog at: Friends Fur-Ever
Stellaluna's blog at: Las aventuras de Brownie 


  1. Tamir is very lucky and you are very sweet. :)

  2. How could you say, no, Tamir! What a beautiful valentine message!

  3. This is so romantic and beautiful how could he resist.

  4. Stellaluna, this is the most romantic valentine so far. Beautiful job!

  5. What a lovely and beautiful valentine. Tamir, you must say yes!

  6. Dearest Stellaluna,

    I would be honored to be your fur-ever Valentine! You are such a beautiful ladycat! I've never had a special girlfriend before!

    Love, Headbonks, purrs and smoochies,