Monday, February 9, 2009

An Ode to Cinder from Oliver

This is a special poem for my sweet girl Cinder, who crossed the Bridge on 1/12/09.

She will always be my special Valentine
When we first met
We were Kittens in Kontrol
You were my Valentine Friend
You looked so beautiful

We grew up together
Getting older bit by bit
I knew you were the one
I would spend my nine lives with

We played at your house
Hiding from Onyx and Horus
We hid under the bed
And no one ever caught us!

We played in your kitchen
While it was being remodeled
You jumped on top of cabinets
And I nimbly followed

Finally the day arrived
You said you'd be my girl
I couldn't believe my luck
I was on top of the world!

We were two Rock N Roll cats
We danced all night long
I serenaded you with "Lady"
It was our special song

Under the mistletoe
We had our first kiss
A brand new year arrived
It was such sweet bliss

Then one day you were gone
Life just isn't fair
It was too soon for my girl
With the beautiful black hair

I know you are in Heaven
Looking down on me
Watching over our friends
And our families

One day we will be together
Running through the sky
My sweet Angel, My Cinder
I will always be your guy

*********************************** OLIVER CINDER


  1. Very sweet ode to your Cinder.

    The Country Cats

  2. So beautiful a wonderful Valentine.